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not 2 cad

In recent years architecture has shifted from a creative profession to a production line and all thanks to
computer aided design.

As the mind flows it prints...

always so #wright
temples were painted, so that bright reds and blues contrasted with the white of the building stones


Detailed color image of an ancient Greek Doric Temple. (1870 AD)
Λεπτομερής έγχρωμη εικόνα ενός αρχαίου ελληνικού δωρικού ναού απο το1870.
Barn storming

Cristiano Toraldo - Superstudio | Holiday Machine (Máquina de vacaciones) | Tropea, Italia | 1967
After not posting for a while, there no better comeback than a personal concept sketch from this past weekend
H. Pottier. Architecture D’Aujourd’Hui v. 25 no. 57 Dec 1954
Boissevain and Osmond. Architectural Review v.129 n.767 Jan 1961
Arne Jacobson. Architectural Review v.150 n.895 Sep 1971
Mark Reynolds - Square Root Phi Series: Watercolor and ink on rag paper 

1955 Romeo’s Time Square Restaurant | Architects: Armet & Davis | Collection of Armet Davis Newlove Architects. Courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Trust. - Via
work sketch and some phone doodles on a post it
classic axial with a modern take while remaining warm. a proper hand sketch as well
bldg info here

Claude Ledoux’s Spherical house: 1789-1806 via Retronaut
“Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736–1806) was an architect whose greatest works were funded by the French monarchy and came to be perceived as symbols of the Ancien Régime rather than Utopia. The French Revolution hampered his career; much of his work was destroyed in the nineteenth century.”
- Wikipedia